MBT045_Aerosol Research and Cloud Formation – with Stephany Mazon

This week you are going to hear an interview with Stephany Mazon from the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) in Helsinki, who is researching aerosols. Aerosols are tiny solid or liquid particles suspended in air. One instance of them can be found in the atmosphere, where these tiny particles play an important part in cloud formation as seeds for condensation.
Stephany’s research focusses on the the question under which circumstances (eg. humidity and air pollution) these tiny particles can form. How that also affects global climate you can find out in this episode.

She also talks about her work as a science communicator, in particular her podcast embedded in the project “science basement”(https://www.thesciencebasement.org), so give that a listen as well.
We also talked about the website “Ask about climate”, which is a website where everyone can ask questions about climate change to experts in that field (https://kysymykset.kysyilmastosta.fi/c/kysymykset/EN

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