MBT037_Immunology – with Noelia Gonzalez (en)

Welcome to a new episode of Mandelbrot Talks. This is our first episode that is completely in English. As our interview partner, Noelia Gonzalez, is preferring to give the interview in English, we decided tomake the whole episode in English.

Since the last regular episode 35 the March for Science took place and we were reporting live during the march and published some audio impressions of the march later the same day. So if you have not taken part in the March for Science you can hear most of the speeches and the motivations of particitpants here http://mandelbrot-talks.de/2019/05/04/march-for-science/ (Well it’s mainly in German)

For this episode we were in Münster at the juForum e.V. Congress. And we interviewed Noelia who is a junior research group leader at the cluster of excellence “Cells in Motion

Her research focuses on special sort of white blood cells who are attacking viruses which are coming into our body. An important role in this mechanism plays the macrophages. These cells are an important part of the immune system, as they are “eating” incoming diseases.

To find out, how the macrophages are working and how they help us not getting sick, Noelia’s group uses mice models.

Hear you next time!

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