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We are the Science Podcast Mandelbrot Talks, publishing every other Friday an interview with a scientist. Our main aim is to communicate scientific research to a broader audience and thereby make science more accessible. Besides that we are also sharing our day-to-day experience of doing a physics degree. In doing so, we find it especially important to let the scientists themselves have their say, hence the concept of feature-length interviews.

Mandelbrot – what is that, you might ask!

First of all, we found it as  an extremely cool name and also very much matching our desired scientific depth. This is because the visualizations of a Mandelbrot set (actually after the mathematician Benoit B Mandelbrot) always look the same, now matter how much you zoom-in.

This set is defined as all the complex numbers c, for which the recursive series with z_0=0, z_(n+1)=z_n^2+c is bounded. And the lovely pictures on this page can then be obtained by determining for each number c the number n of iterations for which a certain threshold value is crossed. For every number c (every pixel) this number n is the represented by a colour.

More details can be found here: Mandelbrot Set

We are still keen on interviewing a mathematician about that or any other mathematical subject. So if that’s you, please do get in touch (details below). 


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